Cut energy costs with smart refrigeration controls

One of the major challenges to energy efficiency in the global marketplace today is refrigeration. Cooling units place huge pressure on global energy resources, affecting the environment and businesses alike. We know this because we’ve found a product to substantially reduce the energy consumption of refrigeration units – CUES.

The Problem With Refrigeration

A cooling unit has one role: to maintain a consistent temperature inside a space as preset by a thermostat. The compressor unit that runs the fridge is therefore cycled on and off to maintain this ideal temperature.

This may seem logical, but the reality is that unnecessary amounts of energy are used to cool nothing but dead space. Think about it – what really matters – the air temperature inside the fridge or the temperature of the food itself?

The fact is that the two are quite different, as is the process of maintaining them. The thermodynamic properties of solid food vary massively from that of air, meaning that, whilst the air in a fridge may need to be cooled to reach the preset temperature, the food might well not.

Therefore, a significant chunk of the energy used by your fridge is wasted – attempting to keep food cool that is already at the desired temperature.

CUES Explored

To the right, you can see a breakdown of the components of the CUES.

Expertly designed in the UK to fit its purpose and operating environment, the CUES consists of a wax-based food simulant, which imitates the thermal properties (such as thermal conductivity and thermal mass) of the food products inside your refrigeration unit.

We can even offer the CUES system in two convenient variations to ensure that, whatever the size or type of your fridge unit, installation of CUES is quick and easy.

To find out more about how CUES could significantly reduce your energy bills, improve equipment performance, and enhance your food storage and safety, contact us today.


Impressive Energy Savings Await

Do you like the sound of saving up to 33% on refrigeration costs, with an ROI period of under 2 years? That’s what CUES offers.

High-Performance Equipment

Reduce the pressure on your cooling units and improve performance, extending their operating life with CUES.


Maintain the temperature of your food, not your fridge. CUES accurately controls the only temperature in the fridge that matters!

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